The day in sports

29 Apr
 This is my first ever attempt at a blog.

In this blog I will try and cover some big things that went down in the sports world today plus give my picks on who will win the NBA Championship this year.

What a day in the sports world.  The MLB season is finishing up it’s first month, the NFL just held it’s 2012 NFL Draft, Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs are underway, plus the NBA kicked off it’s post-season a huge blow to a serious title contender.

I’m sure everyone has heard by now that former MVP Derrick Rose went down very late in the 4th quarter against the 76sers with a torn ACL.  Looks like D-Rose could be out up to a year and that is a huge blow to the NBA, the city of Chicago, but most importantly to the Bulls.  My question is, why was Derrick Rose even in the game with that much time left and the game in hand?  I believe this injury falls on Tom Thibodeau shoulders.  The Bulls were up 20 points, no need for Rose to be no where near a basketball.  Now because of this mistake it will cost the Bulls a chance at a championship, and possibly a spot in next years playoffs.

Now as for my picks, even though I am a huge Lakers fan, and a Kobe Bryant #1 supporter, I think that Thunder will make it to the finals, along with the Heat.  And I look for the Thunder to win it’s first NBA Championship in 7 games.